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Bridges overcome obstacles to bring people together. You could say the same thing about photography or any art form. Sure, a bridge is more practical than a Monet or a photo of a bridge, but a world without art would be just as bad as a world without bridges.

Connecting is something I have struggled with. Empathizing and understanding are things that I can, of course, do, but at times, I can be selfish and bullheaded. Perhaps that's why I enjoy bridges and find beauty in them. They prove that a connection can be made no matter how deep the cliff or wide the river.

These are two photos taken with a kid's toy camera that prints on receipt paper. I lined up the shots so the right-most objects in the first frame would align with the left-most objects in the second frame. After printing the first photos, I opened the printer and re-rolled a portion of the print back up before printing the second photos to stitch them together. I like how they are not fully aligned vertically. While that was not intentional, it gives it a more handmade feel.