I'm the sole one-man-band bureau reporter in Fremont County for KTWO-TV, the statewide ABC affiliate. My beat is roughly the size of the state of Vermont and also consists of two sovereign nation Native American tribes. I constantly produce a PKG VOSOT and VO in a single day without blinking an eye. Many of them exclusives. So often, I find myself rushing out the door after a 10-hour day to cover breaking news. Even still, I never drop a story half told. I've followed countless crime stories from the crime tape to the court room. I've been to a memorial service for a 5-year-old and a birthday party for a 106 year old. I build relationships with the people I interview, even the people I see while walking down the street. Being a journalist is a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week lifestyle. One that I wish to take to your station.

Michael's contract ends in February of 2016.


Michael Sevren Thanhouser has always had a passion for journalism and visual storytelling. It was because of this passion Michael was accepted into the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in southern California. There he studied visual journalism under the guidance of some of the best in the industry. While he was a student, Michael received numerous awards for his short documentaries and co-founded The Ventura Film Festival.

Soon after graduating in 2010, Michael moved back to his home town of Portland, Oregon where he worked as a freelance-commercial filmmaker. While he enjoyed creating videos for companies like Intel and Nike, he missed telling real stories about real people. In June of 2012, Michael moved to Casper, Wyoming to work as a production assistant for Good Morning Wyoming and the K2 News at Noon.

After eight months of waking up before dawn and being the best production assistant he could be, Michael was asked to join the K2 News team as the new Fremont county bureau reporter, which he happily accepted. When Michael is not covering the news in Fremont County, he can be found reading a book in a cozy coffee shop, riding his bike or falling off cliffs gracefully (climbing).